How is Missing Lectures Harming Student's Studies?

As a student at the beginning of the year, you probably set a “new year’s resolution,” and that is to go to every lecture this year. The theory sounded nice and plausible… until you were faced with morning classes and the snooze button was begging you to press it. “I’ll try again next time,” you say before going back to sleep. Little did you know is that you may have just started a vicious circle where you will just skip and skip and skip. Here is how skipping a lecture may affect your studies.

1. It casts a shadow on your grade

There are many reasons why this can happen. First of all, a lot of professors consider attendance a very important part of your grade. As a result, you may find yourself with minus a few points in your final grade, wondering what just happened. Plus, it’s easier for a teacher to ‘slip’ a better grade if they can put a face to the name. Imagine if you show up for the exam after not attending a single lecture, and the professor looks at you confused, not entirely sure where you came from. Plus, they can find it insulting that you didn’t even bother to go to their class.

2. It can become a habit

Remember when I mentioned about “I’ll try again next time”? Well, there’s rarely a next time, because if you skip once… you’ll definitely like the feeling and skip the second time. It can cause a few unanticipated issues, and at some point, you’ll be so embarrassed or behind on your work that you won’t even dare to go to class. This is why it is recommended to avoid diving into this slippery slope because you don’t want to make this pattern a usual thing.

3. You’ll have to catch up

Playing catch was nice and cool when you were little – but not so nice when you’re a grown-up attending college. The more you skip, the more you’ll have to try and catch up by yourself. You’ll have to anticipate what it was that the professor covered, most of the time studying more materials than necessary. So once you skip class, you may have just added an additional workload that you wouldn’t have initially needed.

4. You may miss out on important examples

Not everything a teacher talks about is from a textbook. Sure, they may start there, but it usually flows depending on the questions and suggestions given by the class. So in that lecture that you may have skipped, the teacher may have also said something important to the lecture based on the discussion. It may appear in your final exam or you may need it somewhere further in life. You can’t know for sure when and if it’ll prove useful.

Many students that are left behind in their studies opt to ask for help writing a paper for college from service that may fill in the blanks for the grade – and it may work. However, that will only be a momentary fix, because your own knowledge will still be absent. Our advice is to keep on to your resolution and go to every class. You paid for all of them anyway.



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